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Training Classes

Adolescent Training Classes

For dogs over 16 weeks of age

Puppy classes for pups 8 to 16 weeks 

Puppy classes for young puppies are 8 to 16 weeks. Adolescent classes are for over 16 weeks.

I have recently added  Noseworks classes.

Venue-Puppies at West Gosford.
Noseworks classes at West Gosford or Ettalong. 

Time- class is for 1 hour, times vary please contact me for class times or to book your place.
What you will learn in class:
Basic skills               
Loose Lead Walking
How to deal with problems and manage your dogs behaviour
How to have a calm, confident dog in a variety of situations
Environmental Enrichment
Husbandry Handling e.g nail clipping, brushing, giving medications etc.
Understand your dogs body language.

Join one of our classes to help you learn the skills to have a well behaved dog

Noseworks is not only fun for dogs and their owners but is great therapy for dogs with anxiety and dogs that are reactive to other dogs or people.
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