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In Home Training

If you feel that you would prefer to do training in your own home for whatever reason, your dog would not be comfortable in a class situation or you can't make it to class as the time does not suit you. We can arrange some in home training for you, whether you just need a refresher on some of the basic skills or you are having issues with a certain behaviour of your dogs such as jumping on visitors, or bordom behaviours such as barking or digging.

I can also help you with issues such as reactivity to dogs and people, separation distress and general anxiety. Noseworks can really help dogs with behaviour issues.

The first visit will involve discussion on what your needs are and what you would like to achieve. We will then discuss a training plan and start with some basic exercises. Depending on what you would like to achieve and the level of training of your dog we will then work together on your goals for both you and your dog.

Pricing will depend on your location and whether it is basic training you are in need of or if there is a problem behaviour that you need help with. Please contact me so we can discuss your needs.

I can also help you with your cat's behaviour  and introducing a new pet to the family.

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